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Our Stylists

Thida Men

Cell: 864-205-8517

Email: [email protected]

Owner, Master Stylist, Color Specialist

Thida graduated from Piedmont Beauty College in Spartanburg in 1996. She specializes in dimensional color, corrective color, modern hair styles, and perms. She is also an expert in updos and applying make-up for weddings and other special occasions. She is certified in the application of Keratin Complex hair straightening system by Coppola. She is very experienced in her work and has wide knowledge of various products.

Amber Horton

Cell: 864-921-9646

Email: [email protected]

Stylist, Colorist

Amber has had over 8 years of experience in a professional setting following her graduation from Spartanburg's Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology. She is a very talented stylist and is especially adept at haircuts, coloring, keratin treatments, balayage coloring technique, and perms. Amber is very perceptive and is excellent at connecting with clients. Her keen sense of judgment allows her to assist clients in choosing the style that best highlights their features.

Jordan Hyleman

Cell: 864-497-9112

Email: [email protected]

Stylist, Colorist

Jordan is extremely creative and precise in her technique. She has had 7 years of professional experience after graduating from R. D. Anderson Applied Technology Center in 2009 . She is very skilled in color, haircuts for both men and women, keratin treatments, balayage coloring technique, and updos for a variety of occasions. She has a tremendous passion for not only meeting, but exceeding her clients' expectations while ensuring their comfort throughout the process.

Sheila Tan

Cell: 864-310-5164

Email: [email protected]

Stylist, Colorist, Aesthetician

Sheila is very driven and creative. She strives to offer perfection in any of the services that she performs. She specializes in dimensional color, highlights, keratin treatment, balayage hair coloring technique, updos, Jet Clear treatments, LED facials, body waxing, ear candling, and makeup.

Haley Trent

Email: [email protected]

Stylist, Colorist

Haley has had 7 years of professional experience in perms, dimensional color, haircuts, and keratin treatment. She is very thorough in her work. When she has a client in her chair, she strives to meet their needs by providing undivided attention and care.